Monza Race Reports

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Monza Race Reports

Post by bobjim123 (LM) on Fri Jul 19, 2013 10:19 pm

Please post Below.....

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Re: Monza Race Reports

Post by stewy89 on Sat Jul 20, 2013 11:05 pm

Well yet again i dissapoint myself ...qualy i purposely put in a ok ish  time for people to think i was slow to start with,,, and a was on primes ...anyway got 5th after qualy ..good enough

race start was miles beter than when i normaly start ...first corner ther were wars so i backed of to see wat was hapening then all of a suden i was behind pasels for the second place at the second  chicane and  overtook him with a lovely move ...started to pull away by half a sec or so then  ascari came and he cut it just to cach me back up ,,,now fair enough i complain ALOT but wen people get warned in qualy about it but still post times to get pole......then in the race i think they shud get a grid drop or something.. he was warned 3 or 4 times ....anyway  me been me on the worst tires (primes) pushed but just a little to hard in the end and crashed ...but still managed a podium again so 6 races i have been 4th or better Smile  ...but 2nd teckinckly because nozemm007 had  a 10 sec penalty so final posistion was 2nd....but still least im on podium AGAIN BUT COULD OF BEEN DIFFRENT yet again lol  if people never cheated anyway enough said am sure he will get some punishment ofence pasels but you did get warned in qualy then the race 2 3 times u got warned then wen u past me u stoped doing it wtf lol ya lil rebel

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