Monza GP - Race reports

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Monza GP - Race reports

Post by Rob-Lee77 (DRT) on Wed Jul 10, 2013 2:10 pm

please post below.......

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Re: Monza GP - Race reports

Post by Porschedude911 on Mon Jul 22, 2013 8:42 am

Qualy - 3rd couldve gone pole but I mucked up ascari. But anyways 3rd was nice.
Race - 4th rolling restart confused me a little meaning that moody and bob shot of leaving me for dust. But I maintained 3rd until second sector on lap 3. I put it in the wall giving me a red front wing. I pitted and stuck with options when I came back out. Returned to track last and 18 secs behind the guy ahead. So I set about the mighty comeback that followed. Tearing the lap times to pieces and working my way options lasted til lap 23 and I only pitted then as I got a rule reminder. They couldve made it all the way as I was going purple on tyres that were 20 laps old. So I pitted from 1 second behind Sean and moody and kept 4th coming out 8 secs ahead of Brian. Then the last lap I threw in the fastest lap in. My first one I believe. So quite happy with it overall

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Re: Monza GP - Race reports

Post by Seanbbb90 on Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:08 am

qually 5th i was half a second faster bt lost due to a quik snap but was 2nd until 3 cars crossed the line to drop me to 5th.Race was fun three ov us battling for first nearly to the end was a fun race compared to spa even tho my result wasn't as good in terms of position bt stil another podium..


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Re: Monza GP - Race reports

Post by Burtyburton on Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:20 am

Qualiy- 6th i know I could do a lot faster than that because when I was practicing i did a 1.21.5.
Race- 6th on the rolling start It confused me because I didn't know when we was starting then at the end of the first lap I saw the first 2 cars go flying so I just started to go fast, then in the first 9 or 10 laps i had some good battles with reddweasel and mva we kept on over taking each other but going onto the 10 or 11 lap I can't remember which one i overtook mva on the home straight then around the first corner he was squeezing me of the track the going around that London curve bit to start the second sector we was side by side I think but I can't tell because I use cockpit cam I accidentally hit the barrier on the side because I was close to it and it wiped me across the track and mva was there so I it took him out too and I lost my front wing and had a 10sec penalty for hitting him then I got another 10sec penalty  when I was coming back on the track so I came back on the track in 9th just 3secs in front of Porsche but I let Porsche overtake me because I had a broken front wing so I came out of the pit 22secs behind themask and I was taking loads of time out of him and then I overtook him and I was catching a lot more people up then I went to 6th and I had to create a 20sec gap and I did it, then on the last 2 laps I had a great battle with my team mate Brian. What an eventful race. 

SORRY MVA for hitting you mate.


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Re: Monza GP - Race reports

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:46 am

Qualy-1st * lap 22.3

Race-2nd dull race


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Re: Monza GP - Race reports

Post by bobjim123 (LM) on Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:48 am

Qualy - 2nd, Bit annoyed as I was .8 up on Moody in the middle sector oh well.

Race - 1st: Rolling restart kept with moody and left every1 else for dead, moody made a mistake which put me 1st pitted from the lead but went into gravel on exit of ascari and found myself 5secs behind Sean with moody right behind, Sean made a mistake and the 3 of us battled I got into 1st and held them off until they made a mistake then started pulling away due to them scrapping. Got 4secs clear and they collided so was able to cruise till the end.

Good race Guys cya at Singapore


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Re: Monza GP - Race reports

Post by BrianJohnson43 (GP4 Mod) on Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:17 pm

QUAILY 9TH nothing special 123.8 RACE rolling restart what a mess up the front guys were already 12sec up before i had started so as you said we got left for dead no wonder and when it did start i was in the gravel a few people was confused when to start as it want got past a few people battles again with reddweasle for a few laps him overtaking me i overtaking him pretty much solid throughout the race then 2 laps from the end my team mate was having a excellent battle but manage to hold on to grind out a very encouraging 5th place to pick up some more points....
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Re: Monza GP - Race reports

Post by Reddweasel on Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:30 pm

Qualy - 4th with a 1:22.6 (My best being a 1:22.1). Having to get used to driving without headphones as they broke the other day plus I appeared to be in a parralell universe during quali as everyone's times were appearing but all the yellow dots stayed in the pits. Sure enough, with severe lag etc at the start of the race we all had to restart under a rolling procession.

Race - 7th
Four races of poor performance now. Chasing Porsche across the start/finish line with Sean behind me I went wide out of turn 5 (Sector 2) and hit the deep gravel that put me almost to the back of the pack, effectively ending my race there and then. Battled with Brian for a few laps and Porsche after his accident. After pitting I beat Brian to the first corner but he was immense in his McClaren and soon took me a lap later, think I slightly caught him at turn 1 but we both came away unspun and unscathed.
I was the chasing MVA and quickly had Burty storm past me (The McClarens were awesome heer) which left me chasing MVA. Put some good consistent laps in considering I had no Kers for 6 laps (19 to 25) and no DRS across the finish line when within 1 sec of MVA!: Very strange. Got past him, when DRS decided to evenutually work, into turn 1 and going through the right hand 3rd corner I moved across, closing the door which either; 1 - I shouldn't have done or 2; MVA, who says he was beside me should of eased off. I suspect a bit of both really, but these things happen and I'm happy to leave things be and in all honesty I don't know who; if anyone is to blame, all I do know is we came together and spun out allowing Burty and Thee Mask to pass.  
I then had a case of de ja vu (From last season); basically last place, chasing Thee Mask who's engine is smoking before he runs out of fuel and I pip him to the finish line. Must be something about driving style round this track!

Conclusion - Really impressed with The McClarens and Porsche in the Redbull round here definitely putting the likes of MVA and myself under pressure.
My brief championship chances are effectively now over. If I may use a golfing term, 'The back nine' (10 tracks in this case) are my weaker tracks which is very telling in my recent performances.

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Re: Monza GP - Race reports

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