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Post by Guest Thu May 02, 2013 11:05 am

Drivers: 1 - Vernon-ator_1991 (Sauber) 2 - Bigdave235 (Ferrari) 3 - OdieQlu (Mercedes) 4 - Jamesboro1993 (Lotus)
(Conducted by NikiLouder)

Q: An unfortunate event occurred which prevented you from racing, what steps have you taken to avoid this from happening again?
Vernon-ator_1991: I have told my housemates to not stream movies while I am racing. The internet just couldn't handle streaming and online gaming at the same time.

Q: Any positives to take from this race?
JV: I took pole position which was a massive positive and I believe I was on for a strong finish as I believe I could have got through the entire race on a 1 stop strategy, with the weather playing it's part.

Q: Your lead in both championships took a big hit, thoughts?
JV: It's just one of those things, not much can be done. I've dropped 5 points behind Antonios in the drivers and the team have fallen 12 points behind Ferrari in the Constructors. Definitely not the end of the world but could be costly at the end of the season if it comes down to single point gaps.

Q: Do you think their is a commitment problem with such low numbers today?
JV: I wouldn't say there are commitment issues, just a series of individual events brought the numbers down. I'm sure it'll improve this coming weekend.

Q: Could you not have tried getting a couple of emergency pl2 reserve drivers instead of a banned driver?
JV: At the time there wasn't any reserve drivers dedicated to PL1 or PL2 so we were in a situation where anybody would do. To be honest we were desperate hence why RDS was allowed to race. Don't worry it will only be a one-off.

Q: How's managing the entire site going?
JV: Stressful lately. Too much is going on at one time which just leaves me powerless & just avoiding situations at times. Stuff outside of the PS3 league has kept me going.

Q: Dave a great win, you didn't seem to be under much threat, how was that for you?
Bigdave235: It was a really good race, but there were at least four drivers in contention for the win halfway through race and the uncertainty with the weather made it difficult to predict who was I was racing, but Odie, Vern and Antonios were definitely pushing me all the way.

Q: What are some of the positives are taking away with you after this race?
BD: Definitely the consistency of my race was the best thing. Also the strength of my teammate was great, which means we should be able to work together in future races and challenge for the constructors.

Q: There was some light rain mid-way through the race, did it cause many problems?
BD: The rain made this race very tricky. It grip levels were always differing and it was tricky to be certain to know which tyre to be on, but driving in the rain is always fun.

Q: There was hardly many racers today, worried?
BD: It would be nice to see a full grid like we have seen in PL2, but the racing between the guys who were here was really close and fair so it was still fun, but it would always be better to have a full grid of cars.

Q: Both you and your team mate finished on the podium, thoughts?
BD: I hope we can do it again!

Q: disappointed it wasn't a 1-2?
BD: Obviously it would be nice to have a 1-2, but my teammate drove a fantastic race in very tricky conditions and as a result is leading the championship so lots of positives to take away.

Q: There was a banned driver in todays race, thoughts?
BD: Not too many. I did have a little grumble about back markers in my race report, but it is a tricky situation when you are on old tyres and the back marker is on fresh tyres. As soon as you pass them, they are quicker than you so unlap themselves which is totally ok, but it happened a few times and when you have two cars with different performances in tricky conditions it increases the risk of an incident. It was also costing me a lot of time, and I was being caught at 3 seconds a lap by the guy in P2 which was making me nervous. If it had continued for a few more laps it could have affected the outcome of the race and as the back marker was the teammate of the guy in P2, if that had happened I would have not been too happy.

Q: Odie, not a bad race from your perspective, thoughts?
OdieQlu: It actually was a very good race obviously compared to melbourne it was brilliant, but because I should have won it in my opinion im not that happy really. But the battles with Antonios Bigdave james and vernon were pretty cool.

Q: So close to getting a win, do you think you can get next race?
RS: It was close yea but again without being arrogant, if I didnt hit the tv post in the 2nd last corner I would have won it.
And it seems China is a good track for the mercedes but its not one of my favourites to be honoust. So I dont know really also with milan coming back and hopefully chickie not dropping out its gonna be a tough race.

Q: When your team mate comes back will you be a dutch destroying team?
RS: I hope so! I know milan is a great driver but I havent really seen him with high fuel so thats gonna be interesting altough im fully confidend he will do great. Now im not that sure how I will do though because I first of all didnt expect to get the slowest car in the field so I dont know if im really quick enough. Will see the respect is there so it ls all good Smile

Q: How do you rate your stand in team mates performance?
RS: Actually brilliant he just jumped in without any practice with out an setup and did great specially at the start, it made me happy that 2 mercs were ahead but eventually he made some misstakes and dropped back I still thank him tough because on the end of the season those points he got for the team can be very important.

Q: Any problems with him?
RS: Not at all. Ive raced allot with him and I know what hes capable of. Great driver Wink

Q: James, interesting race, how was it for you?
Jamesboro1993: It was a good race, from last season I new I had reasonable pace on this track.

you seem to be close with your team mate pace wise, enjoying it?
JB: Having a 15 second gap over my team mate payed off as I got a puncture half way through the last lap.

Q: Lotus picked up some strong for the championship, who do you think will be your teams biggest rival?
JB: I think Lotus should be up near the top in most races if they go without collision's.

Q: rain midway through the race, any trouble?
JB: The rain helped me a lot as I made on less pit-stop than many starting on the hard tire.

Q: Podium next race for you?
JB: Podium in China? I'm going for a win as last season if it wasn't for the rain it looked that way, my best track.


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