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Interwiev with Deano94DCFC

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Interwiev with Deano94DCFC Empty Interwiev with Deano94DCFC

Post by VictoriousBoy69 Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:01 pm

1. What do you think about weather in Hungary, once again it was changable ?
Typical weather for this season, the amount of races we have started dry and gone to full wets, changed the race slightly I think.

2. Do you see yourself as a champion?
Possibly, to be honest I think Vic has got it, I was 30+ points behind after Valencia but now I'm less than 15 points behind, he will pull away again in Monza as i'm not here for it, but I think I can catch up to him and take the fight all the way to Brazil.

3. What you think about Belgia ?
Belgium will be a exciting race, not many overtaking spots, weather may play a big part in the race and Qualy, I'm feel quick round Spa but I think I will be slower than Vic, Muzza, Stewy and Nozem, think could be at least 5 way battle for the win, but Nozem has been on form lately so think if he get's into the lead early on he'll pull away.

4. How do you feel in league?
I feel good in this league.

5. Want any changes ?
 No changes what so ever, league is fine as it is.

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