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Season 2 Start Dates

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Season 2 Start Dates Empty Season 2 Start Dates

Post by Admin Wed Apr 04, 2012 3:08 am

ADMIN would like to start

Weekend commencing 30th APRIL 2012.

If we can run all Leagues back to back in that week 30th April to 6th May -
- - FIrst of Season 2 FiA meet 7th MAY. - -
19 races ENDING the season in the First week of September allowing 2-3 weeks before F12012 is on the shelves. Then this site will just continue on.

F12011 Season 1, closes April 22nd Latest.
F12011 Season 2, Starts April 30th Earliest.
F12012 Season 3, Starts Sept, 27th (ish).


Season 2 Start Dates Admins10

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