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  • 20131024
    This is the site we moved too.
    click on the link enter f1 leagues and pick the league your in and sign up then check your emails to confirm and activate your account.

    by Rob-Lee77 (DRT) - Comments: 1 - Views: 1230
  • 20131002
     Global announcement:
    F1PS3 Ciné Lounge Rsnews11F1PS3 Ciné Lounge Rsnews11

    R.S.   Race Station

    Sunday night 8pm Caterham Cup all members welcome for a great night of racing.........also all members that attend will be give first rights to view and sign up to the all new all singing all dancing website....wwwwwwoooowww..

                                    SEE THE ALL NEW WEBSITE AND RACE IN RACE STATIONS 1ST RACE

    by BK_1975 (F1 Mod) - Comments: 3 - Views: 526
  • 20130930
     Global announcement:
    Final standings after 20 races
    1st. Sauber (ud-war&bjorn)          532pts Winners

    2nd. Mercedes (beardy&mick)       385pts

    3rd. Redbull (vern&rob)                364pts

    4th. Ferarri (Topman&daflukey      202pts

    5th. Williams (bobjim&deano)       160pts

    6th.Force india (moody&stevo)      151pts

    7th. Lotus (Brian&Bk)                   109pts

    8th. McLaren (dek&muzza)            93pts

    by Rob-Lee77 (DRT) - Comments: 0 - Views: 336
  • 20130929
     Global announcement:
    Race Day 2
    just a quick reminder guys were doing the final 10 races tonight at 7:45pm.
    hope to see you all there

    by Rob-Lee77 (DRT) - Comments: 0 - Views: 310
  • 20130923
     Global announcement:
    Standings After 10 races
    1st.Mercedes (Beardy&Mick)       286 pts

    2nd.Sauber (Ud-War&Bjorn         249 pts

    3rd.Red Bull (Vern&Rob              173 pts

    4th.Ferarri (weasel&Topman)      135 pts

    5th.Force India (Stevo&Moody)    90pts

    6th.Lotus (Mansell&Brian)           43 pts

    7th.Mclaren (Dek&Reece)           30pts

    8th.Williams (bob&deano)           8 pts

    by Rob-Lee77 (DRT) - Comments: 0 - Views: 384
  • 20130923
     Global announcement:
    Reserve Driver List
    All the seats for tonights first 10 sprint races are now taken.If you would like to be a reserve driver post below and if someone does not show up the first to post there interest will be invited.

    by Rob-Lee77 (DRT) - Comments: 3 - Views: 394
  • 20130920
     Global announcement:
    Team Line Ups
    Firstly the format:
    there will be 10,5lap sprint races.So basically it will be the first 10 races as they appear in the f1 calendar.I will take pics and keep track of the points your team scores.Obviously driving will be a bit more aggressive but we still want to keep it relatively clean.We want it competitive but also its a bit of fun.if your unfortunate and get pens they wont be removed.No qualy and grids will be set to random.
    Equal cars.
    Anyway all these teams and cars were chosen randomly and theses will be the teams for the next 2 weeks the remaining races will be run same...

    by Rob-Lee77 (DRT) - Comments: 6 - Views: 438
  • 20130910
     Global announcement:
    SUNDAY 22ND 7:45PM
    thinking of setting up a team based mini chamionship held over 2 weeks soon.
    week1 over 1night 10 3 lap races would be held
    then the next week the other half of the season would be completed.
    equal cars
    no qualy
    random grids.
    its not about a drivers championship
    its all about constructors.

    post your interest if you would like to take part.

    Sprint races...Random  Grids....sounds like a recipe for fun in my book.

    by Rob-Lee77 (DRT) - Comments: 19 - Views: 625

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