Sliverstone GP Race Reports

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Sliverstone GP Race Reports

Post by X_Adam-_-1993_X on Sat Jun 22, 2013 6:47 am

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Re: Sliverstone GP Race Reports

Post by Porschedude911 on Mon Jun 24, 2013 8:37 am

Qualy: 5th but essentially 4th as adam disconnected. Kinda gutted to miss out on pole as i spent most of the session on pole and was looking pretty fast in the rain.

Race: 4th. I gained a position on burty on the first lap with a bit of clean and respectful driving from both of us. I had a short battle with sean whilst i was in third but he eventually took third with a brave move around the outside on the last corner. After that it was a long, gruelling but very close battle with burty all the way till the end. overall quite pleased with this result

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Re: Sliverstone GP Race Reports

Post by Burtyburton on Mon Jun 24, 2013 8:44 am

Quali: finished 4th but I moved up to 3rd because Adam lost connection.
Race:5th, I had a poor start of the grid but i wanted to be cautious without hitting anyone and leaving enough room so they can go past me so I went down one place then around the second or third lap bbbsean and rob overtuck me and I stayed behind him and had a couple of attempts to get round him. Then I had an amazing battle with Porsche when I came out of the pit on lap 10 and we kept on overtaking each other then about lap 23 he stayed in front of me for the rest of the race and on the last lap I was gaining on him then on the last corner Porsche mucked up I thought I was go to overtake him but I didn't good race Porsche I enjoyed the battle.


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Silverstone GP race report

Post by Reddweasel on Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:49 pm

Quali - 3rd

Got a 1:43 in the wet. Could have gone faster but was struggling to see the racing line in the inter conditions.

Race - 1st

Inherited 2nd on Adams disconnection and had a clean getaway with MVA. Some good close battles with him in the first few laps but all the while pulling out a gap to the others. Couple of times I nearly passed MVA down Hanger Straight. Passed MVA through Coppes (?) on about lap 8 when he suddenly lost connection. I found myself on my own and approx 10 secs in front. Put my foot down and stretched my lead to about 15 secs until I pitted at the end of lap 12. Bob led for the next few laps I had Sean 15 secs behind and Bob 8 sec in front. Got this down to 6 secs before Bob pitted. Fortunately Bob came out just behind Sean who did a great rear gunner role as my teammate and kept Bob at bay for a few laps ensuring I could maintain the gap to about 14 secs until I really eased off over the last couple of laps to take my second win. 

So chuffed to have won my home GP.


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Re: Sliverstone GP Race Reports

Post by bobjim123 (LM) on Mon Jun 24, 2013 8:45 pm

Qualy - 11th: It was wet i went out to set a lap but changed my mind halfway round my outlap as id only done 15mins of practice and didnt wonna risk starting in the middle.

Race - 2nd: Well its fair to say im ecstatic with this result,  i started on primes and got a good start was side by side with The_Mask but lifted out to avoid collisions, i overtook him quite quickly and Brian followed me through and for the next couple of laps i was trying to overtake Mansell with Brian trying to overtake me. Great racing Guys, i eventually overtook Mansell on lap 3 on the DRS straight and started to close down the few seconds that 3rd-6th had on me, Mva lost connection so it pushed me to 6th and then i caught up to the pack and started wriggling my way through car by car on the DRS straight i eventually got to 3rd and Sean was my next target 6 seconds up the road on the options, at this point i knew i was in with a shout. As he came to the end of his stint i closed right up on him and overtook him 1 lap before he pitted and started persuing Weasel who was in 1st, he pitted and i was 9seconds in front.
I pitted and came out 3 seconds behind sean in 3rd and chased him down quickly but it took 5 laps of wheel to wheel racing to get past him. On the lap i finally got past him i overtook him up the inside going into hanger straight he then overtook me going round the old first corner and i finally got him on the exit of maggets and beckits. Great racing mate really enjoyed it and you really helped your team mate Wink
With 4 laps to go i was 15 secs behind Weasel and i closed it down to 9 and set the fastest lap of the race by over a second and eventually crossed the line 2nd to make it back to back podiums but this one felt ever so sweet!! Unlike this week i can say i earned it (not bad for 15mins of practice Very Happy) and after starting the season poorly ive taken 43/50 pts and made up alot of ground on everyone.
Its probably the first time this season i have started a race really well, i was so confident in braking points so when i was in clean air i was able to make up so much time!! Im feeling really confident at the moment, lets just hope i can carry on this form at a track i really really dont like :/

Cya all in Germany Razz

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Re: Sliverstone GP Race Reports

Post by Seanbbb90 on Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:48 pm

qually 6th felt i could go faster but * set the time Race 3rd.....start clean by every one anyway got by burty with rob who got by me was behind rob wen i saw is wheel was on the grass wen pt the power down he spun round was hopeing he didnt fink it was me but surely he new so afer him doin that i was chasing porsche a few laps later approx 1or 2 laps was right behind him he messed his corner up near start/finish but was fast stil we were side by side but i was on the owt side but i wasnt backin owt as we approached turn 1, got by then pulled a gap tried catching red who was to fast laps later bob was catchin me fast he eventually got by so i pitted laps later bob pitted i was in front bt he was on the options i fink so he was really fast but i managed to keep him behind a few laps but i new it was guna be hard to do till the end and he finally got by when my engineer told me to turn my engine down i ad -1lap off fuel which slowed me down and the fight was off with bob.happy with 3rd and good team points


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Re: Sliverstone GP Race Reports

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