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Press conference - Malaysia

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Press conference - Malaysia Empty Press conference - Malaysia

Post by Guest Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:32 am

Drivers: 1- TomiDeli (Williams), 2 - BradChick (Sauber), 3 - ANTONIOS1978 (Ferrari)
(Conducted by NikiLouder)

Q: Tomi, you didn't finish last race, what was the problem?
TomiDeli: I had a lot of internet connections problems lately, so I got disconnected

Q: Surly to miss out on pole by 0.038 in qualifying then a poor race, you must be disappointed?
TD: Qualy was OK, I missed pole in last 2 corners. Start was OK too, got the lead in the start but made a small mistake again in 3 sector. My racing pace was really strong and I could easily keep up with first two drivers. Actually I think I could finish in podium if I didn't had those connection problems. This way you could sense the disappointment of real racing drivers when they have mechanical problem...

Q: Surly to be a PL1 rookie this season and be challenging for pole is satisfying for you?
TD: Getting pole would be nice, taking some points would be even better, to be competitive in PL1 with williams sounds nice, but this is only the first race.... lets see how it goes from here..

Q: You was 2 seconds quicker than your team mate in qualifying, surly you find that satisfying?
TD: Dont know what was his strategy. Its hard to find fast lap in those 15min

Q: With a DNF last race, what are you objectives coming into this race?
TD: I will not be racing course of internet problems again, I changed supplier, but will be back next week even stronger.

Q: Brad, in Australia you seemed to be a tenth or two slower than your team mate, What do you put that down to?
BradChick: I don't think i was to be fair. we were very equal. Quali was bad for me, should have been on pole as my best lap was 1.24.7. The race pace was also good. I think i had an advantage on heavier fuel and vernon came back with a great undercut towards to end of the race.

Q: Missing out on a win by 3 tenths is painful or was it too coincidental to be team orders, thoughts?
BC: I wasn't to disappointed to get 2nd as 1st place was my team mate and we had one of the best races ive had. As vernon said there wasn't team orders that week as i didn't have my mic on. i was risky on the pit stops but i pitted way after the recommended stop to ensure he had time to pit.

Q: Can you talk about the pressure of expectation competing at the top level in the pro leagues?
BC: To be honest, i don't feel that much pressure. We are all great racers with in PL1 and across the site. I think the main separation comes with the setups, and that's were time can be lost for some. Of course there is the expectation that you are going to do well whenever you race, but everybody has bad races from time to time and you never know whats going to happen.

Q: 4th in qualifying and 2nd in the race here last season, can you go one better this season?
BC: I believe i have a great chance of the win. i really like this circuit. however im yet to take to the track and practice.

Q: You obviously know this track; you raced here last season and finished on the podium. What do you think of it?
BC: This track can be a real challenge. Ive noticed over time that some unusual lines around some corners can gain you a lot of time. Not every corner should be taken as you expect. without doubt the ultimate corner is the 2nd to last bend. braking a turning can be a challenge to meet the apex. Laps are either lost or won on that corner.

Q: Do you expect the hot weather helping you and the team to find more speed from the car?
BC: ermmm, im not sure to be honest. Obviously it makes things a whole lot easier. but my favorite racing conditions is wet. i seem to find more time in the wet than the dry over most people. but im sure i read that the first 9 races are set to clear, so this came as a disappointment.

Q: Odie got lapped last race, what are your thoughts with the blue flag/you have to move over? surly everyone has the right to be racing on the circuit?
BC: Sure everyone does, and i can ruin races. but overall its a lot safer. i was surprised to see odie getting lapped on the first race. but things can only go up.

Q: A lot of drivers in the F1PS3LEAGUE paddock would literally kill to get your pace, what's your secret?
BC: erm wow i suppose i drive as fast as the CAR will allow me to drive, and not as fast as i think I can drive. but a good setup will always help.

Q: Antonio, you looked strong in qualifying last race but slipped to third thoughts?
ANTONIOS1978: Υes i was first in qualifying but i lost a lot of places at the start. I still have problem on how to manage weight in the first laps! I took several laps to find my pace!

Q: How did you build such a demanding gap to the car behind?
AT: Entering the pits a few laps later I managed to make one less. This is one reason and the second that I really had a good pace after a very bad first laps!

Q: Last season you was racing PL2 drivers now it's the creme of the crop, how's that for you at the moment?
AT: I feel very good to finally find me in a PRO 1 . is the best championship of this site. very competitive. I and my teamate believe to have a very good presence here. We will fight for the best!

Q: Do you think you can make it two poles in a row?
AT: I think at sometime i repeat a pole position, but not tomorrow

Q: Your team mate got DSQ in qualifying and didn't finish last race, was there a problem and if so do you carry the same?
AT: My teamate had some connection problems not let him show us his abilities! surely he will do tomorrow. aims at the podium. I hope me to be here with him!

Q: What weather conditions are you hoping for on sunday?
AT: I hope in mixed conditions

Q: The last corner here in Malaysia is normally a place where a lot if the drivers lock up, do you have any problems there?
AT: Personally I do not have a problem at this corner!


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