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The Inside Line - With ANTONIOS1978

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The Inside Line - With ANTONIOS1978 Empty The Inside Line - With ANTONIOS1978

Post by Guest Fri Apr 26, 2013 5:36 am

ANTONIOS1978’s profile has skyrocketed this season, From PL2 into the PL1 spotlight, who scored his first pole and a podium finish in Australia on Sunday in PL1. But who really is this affable Greek? A Schumacher fan with a personality of a horse...

Q: The sportsperson I most admire is…

Q: The best actor in the world is…
AT: Richard Gere

Q: The most memorable overtaking move of my career was…
AT: in Monaco

Q: My favorite song of all time is...
AT: Same mistake(James Blunt)

Q: The last time I lost my temper was…
AT: years ago

Q: My first pet was…
AT: a dog

Q: My most treasured possession is…
AT: my car and my machine

Q: The funniest person I know is…
AT: mr Bean

Q: My favorite drink is…
AT: chivas regal

Q: The best excuse to give after crashing the car is…
AT: no excuse .. only mistake

Q: The last time I lost something was…
AT: years ago

Q: My favorite holiday destination is…

Q: My favorite time of the day is…
AT: 20.00 relax , coffee time

Q: The best cure for a hangover is…
AT: aspirin

Q: What keeps you awake at night?
AT: A woman

Q: What’s been your most valuable ‘life’ lesson?
AT: Do not do something you do not want them do to you

Q: If you could give your younger self some advice what would it be?
AT: Life is short

Q: If you had to stay in one place for the rest of your life, where would it be?

Q: What animal best reflects your personality?
AT: horse

Q:What is more important in life than winning?
AT: and a defeat is useful

Q: When were you happiest on the site?
AT: First time join and now

Q: What is your greatest weakness?
AT: My car

Q: If you could banish one thing from your life - for the rest of your life - what would that be?
AT: cigarette

Q: What would you spend your last dollar on?
AT: travel

Q: What’s your favorite smell?
AT: Smell sea


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