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Selected Australia preview quotes- Sauber, Ferrari, TomiDeli and BK_1975

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Selected Australia preview quotes- Sauber, Ferrari, TomiDeli and BK_1975 Empty Selected Australia preview quotes- Sauber, Ferrari, TomiDeli and BK_1975

Post by Guest Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:41 am

After months of preparation and weeks of testing, it is almost time for the 6 teams and 12 drivers that make up the
2013 F1PS3League Pro league 1 Formula One World Championship to show just what they can do. Those involved look ahead to the season-opener -
the 2013 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne’s picturesque Albert Park circuit...

Vernon-ator_1991 (PLM), Sauber
Season 3 Race - 3rd

"With ThaCookster not taking part this season, it's really opened up this season and it's impossible to pick an early favorite for the title. From practice it is going to be very close. James, Beardy, myself, Chickie are all very close on times. I suspect Odie to be up there but I haven't seen him practice yet so I don't know what to expect from him. BK is showing promising qualifying pace, but again it's unknown how well he'll do in the race on heavy fuel. UD not taking part is 1 less challenge in the race because no doubt he'll be up at the front.I'm aiming for at least a top 3 this season but a title is a big shout for me I feel. Qualifying has not always been my strong point but a top 3-4 in qualifying at Australia is crucial to have a chance of a race win."

Chickie13, Sauber
Season 3 Race - 9th

"hoping for a better start to the season than last season! From the looks of the recent practice sessions, i may have quali locked down for pole hopefully. Hoping my race pace can live up to my quali pace. looking to pick up some good points for myself and vernon and wishing vern well also. should be an exciting race with the car allocations as they are."

TomiDeli, Williams
Season 3 Race - N/A

"its my first race in pro league 1 so I don't know what to expect... hope for a finish in top 6 and some good racing"

Bigdave235, Ferrari
Season 3 race - N/A

"I am fairly optimistic for the season, last season at times I had good pace so this time my main goal is to try and be more consistent. The new car feels good and is good on its tyres so we hope that we will be able to have good strategies in the races.I am a little concerned with today's race though due to a lack of practice and loosing steering wheel settings but the aim is to have a clean and consistent race and to get some decent points"

ANTONIOS1978, Ferrari
Season 3 Race - N/A

" I really don't know ! I have done a lot of practice. I think I have a good setup for the race.
I know very well this truck I have fast car but I know that the other drivers are very fast! I ll do my best ! In any case I will have fun the race!"

BK_1975, Red Bull
Season 3 Race - 11th

" This is a hard one as Australia is 1st race with new cars and drivers are similar speeds but as for me it's going to be a good season with my new improved race pace and all around confidence. The fact that the first 9 races will not all be wet this season will help me a great a deal and we can say goodbye to the monsoon league for ever. Try for top 5 in OZ"


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