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General Rules To Everyone At F1PS3League

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General Rules To Everyone At F1PS3League Empty General Rules To Everyone At F1PS3League

Post by Admin Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:24 am


All League Drivers are to adhere to these rules!
This cover all the Leagues & Drivers within this forum.

Rule 1 - Behaviour

  1. All drivers are to be well mannered, non Abusive and well behaved to all other League Members.
  2. Any bullying, anti social behavior or disrespect for other drivers will not be tolerated in here.
  3. Any harassment away from the league in personal/private time may still be investigated by your league moderator if complaints are received.
  4. All Drivers can Contact the FiA if they feel they are being Abused or Disrespected from another driver. This includes private and open lobbies out of the League.
  5. Under no circumstances can you race in a different League or Website on the same time and day as your F1PS3League Race; or show disruptive resistance to invites by engaging in other activities on the PS3 whilst clearly still online. 
  6. Adherence of this rule allows respect and consideration to be shown to not only your fellow League members, but the Moderators and Stewards - all of whom are taking time out of their day to race and socialise together. 
  7. If a Driver is showing a petulant disregard/disrespect towards the League or Website as a whole, FiA - as arbiters of the peace - hold the right on behalf of the community to take appropriate action against the relevant individual(s)

Rule 2 - Accidents & Collisions

  1. All drivers are to give up there position within the set time  **see specific league rules for guidance**  if they are the cause of a incident with a fellow driver. 
  2. A driver that feels it was a racing incident may carry on racing and the Moderator/FIA will judge in the appeal room any punishment if necessary.

Rule 3 - Absenteeism

  1. If more than 3 weeks are missed without notification you will be removed. (This is an automatic removal from the forum due to the forum settings)
  2. All Drivers can be removed from the League without a valid credible for there absence.
  3. In a 100% race, if there is less than 8 people in the lobby before the race start, the race distance will be cut to 50%

Rule 4 - Drivers

  1. Drivers can only join 1 League & Hold 'One' (1) Valid F1PS3League Skill License.
  2. Drivers that want to Appeal about a Decision made in there league may contact the FiA Office.
  3. Drivers that do not show up for there Competition Race Dates will be knocked out automatically.
  4. Drivers that don't show up for there league race for 3 weeks running without explanation, Can be removed from there league.
  5. Drivers caught breaking any rules listed can expect a penalty, possibly a time suspension or removed.
  6. All Drivers must have a 'Mic' to be able to take part in the Induction Course.
  7. All Drivers are to behave Fairly and Respectively to All other members of the Community.
  8. Drivers Can NOT Crash out on Purpose, this may cause a safety car and be seemed as Disruptive to the race, any driver who wishes to Retire may do so Safely either in the Pits or in the Gravel.
  9. Drivers Who loose connection are to come back online asap and inform the Steward. if you do not then this will be seen as an Intentional drop out, which will not be counted for.
  10. Drivers who quit mid season or after the season ends cannot return with immediate effect from where they left off. They will have to wait until the new season starts or until a transfer window period. They must rejoin in the lowest league available to the driver.

Rule 5 - Red Flag

  1. If 1 or more of the drivers have LAGG in the qualifying or lose connection from Qualifying to Race, then a Red Flag rule can apply Restart Qually. +new Host. (this we feel gives the racers lagging chance to check connection & restart ps3 etc..) *see league rules
  2. If LAGG persists then it will be down to the Stewards's discretion.
  3. If 7(9) (60%) of the drivers get kicked due to connection problems then a Red Flag applies. A restart is the Only FAIR way,  No points will be counted if the race continues with 40% or less from the start.

Rule 6 - Restart Procedure

  1. Each race weekend can include a maximum of 1 Qualifying restart.
  2. If a driver loses connection during qualifying then it is a full restart.
  3. If a driver loses connection to the lobby but after qualifying has been completed, then the race continues.
  4. If a driver misses the original start and a restart occurs, that driver CANNOT make the restart.

Rule 7 - Corner Cutting

  1. The race Circuit is clearly defined by the white lines either side on the track on the edge.
  2. Intentionally Cutting Corners to gain a time advantage is not Permitted in the F1PS3League's.
  3. Cutting a corner persistently will encore a Race Ban and possible suspension from your league.
  4. It is permitted to use the exit kerb as much as you like, as long as you rejoin the race track safely.
  5. You must have at least 1 wheel within the white lines to be counted as on the track.

"Drivers must use the track at all times. For the avoidance of doubt the white lines defining the track edges are considered to be part of the track but the kerbs are not

"A driver will be judged to have left the track if no part of the car remains in contact with the track.

"Should a car leave the track for any reason the driver may rejoin. However, this may only be done when it is safe to do so and without gaining any advantage."

Rule 8 - Qualifying

  1. Qualifying is not mandatory, if you chose to not do a lap for Qualifying you should either retire or stay in the pits and no speak to any drivers. If you are found speaking to drivers, sanctions could be put into place.

Rule 9 - Reserve Driver

  1. All Reserve Drivers Must Hold a "F1PS3League" License.
  2. All Reserve Drivers Must be signed up to the community.
  3. A Reserve Driver can ONLY Drive relevant to there License Skill. (an example is - Assist Blue License holders can Only Reserve drive for the Assist League's)
  4. Reserve Drivers can only earn points for the Team (constructors) Not for the Absent Driver.
  5. Reserve Drivers Can only Reserve Drive for the League Above there own.
  6. Reserve Drivers are at the Moderators discretion E.G You do not have to have them.

Rule 10 - Transfer Window

  1. Drivers Can only Transfer within the Transfer Window period date.
  2. Drivers may Transfer between leagues as long as they Hold the relevant License for it.
  3. Drivers can Only Transfer Once During A Season.
  4. When a driver Transfers to another team they will continue with there Drivers Points.
  5. When a driver Transfers to another League they will Leave there points and start from 0pts.
  6. A driver can NOT take Constructor Points with them to another team.
  7. When Transferring from one team or League to another the Moderator can Reject the transfer for a Valid and Reasonable reason Only.

Rule 11 - The "START" Button

  1. Drivers Found Using the Start Button to 'Reset to Track' will be Deemed as Cheating and the FiA will investigate. Penalties may apply.

Rule 12 - The Chat Box

  1. All drivers using it are not to Abuse it by advertising or Spamming the chat area.
  2. Anything said in the Chat Box can be reviewed by Admin/FiA, You are allowed to have friendly banter within the Chat Box, but CONSTANT abuse and slander will not be accepted. Refer to RULE 1.0
  3. No racism or Pedophilia or Sexist to be used in the Chat box.

Rule 13 - Music Etiquette

  1. No "Justin Beiber" music allowed on the site, any one caught playing this will be Banned from Immediate affect. This includes All Members.


 "If you feel you can not approach your League moderator then contact F1PS3LEAGUE Direct**
 "We will do our upmost to sort any issues you may have in the strictest confidentiality and hopefully" resolve the issue."

Leagues will have there own specific Settings within there Forum so please check your own League rules to find out what Assists, Aids, Rules, Dates and Times will be related to YOU within the league you are racing in.    

Thank you
Have "Fair - Fun - Clean - Respectful" Racing!
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