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Post by Admin Wed Sep 21, 2011 10:07 pm

About Us
Who Is Admin?

HI I'm LindenWarden,
I have been racing online for about 3 years, Starting with F1 Championship, onto GT5, then back on to F1 2010 the day it come out, I have only ever owned a Playstation console. I have never owned Xbox or Wii or any other crap, As far as i'm concerned PS rules. Blame Lara Croft for that lol.

I set this up early on with the FIA group, in the ADMIN group consists of 8 members so far (lookin for more) we basically discuss everything to do with the site and leagues apart from incidents or penalties and punishment, we leave that up to the FIA to sort, we just discuss new ideas new rules new colours new sponsors etc etc... we dont ban people or kick players out in here thats not we do in admin.

We in FIA discuss incidents and bad driving and sportmanship, all penalties and punishment goes through this group. We have 3 FIA groups all have 12+ members within,  meeting every week and sorting out who gets what and why.

Group Managers
Selected by ADMIN.  They are in charge of there relevant group, they will organize FIA meetings and will generally be there to Assist there League Managers and to help them out.  They will be responsible for all there league mangers within the group, they will be responsible for Posting the FIA results, they will be responsible for any NEWS added and ADVERTS and POLLS/VOTES placed within there group. They answer to everyone within there group any questions complaints or query's.  There Boss is ADMIN.

**for League managers see the DRIVERS HANDBOOK

How Did F1PS3League Start?
In May 2011 I (LindenWarden/Admin) was racing in many leagues. RacingLine, RedLineRacing flatoutracing to name a few and the reason I joined them was to race with clean, courtesey and respect. I was sick and tired of getting into a room and them waiting for the idiot to start the race with assists only to find some other * or even the normal spanish * was just ramming everybody off.
"I Nearly ditched the game all together just because of it"

Then after racing online with the likes of Tardis, Demon, Penguin, Wooton, fidla, Cookster, Benjarnie Etc. I joined the Leagues, it was great to race for 45 minutes with no intent to collide or hinder. Brilliant! I joined the RacingLine GP2 League as the F1 League was full and to be honest, I wasn't as fast as them guys/gals. I was under the impression that winning the GP2 League would promote you to the F1 League which was an awesome idea. I found that this wasn't the case. Long story but Inter-League fighting was going on. I was thinking to myself, how do you get into the F1 League? In fact why hasn't a League System been built like that with promotions and demotions, I'd checked out ARL and RD etc and to be honest they, to me, were even bigger bandits then an open room lol.

Off I went on a mission to build something up and show a few racing buddies how I think it should go. It started Sim League 1 & Assist League 1 with Promotions & Demotions between the leagues. I offered this to Racingline and Flatoutracing trying to get them leagues all together in one place. Them Leagues unfortunately just didn't see what I'd seen or didn't like me lol. Still unsure lol.

After the * taking and ribbing I had off a few buddies, It just made even more determined to show them. Aaarrrrgghh" lol

I looked at recruitment, I'm gunna need some sound minded MODS to run there own leagues. ThaCookster was very interested along with BK_1975, Stopper19, THE_MASK and STEFF-SCOTTISH. So I set up just 2 leagues for ASSISTS and NO ASSISTS. This was September 2011.

Look where we are now, 6 Leagues in total with the intent at the end of every season for 3 racers to go down a League and 3 to go up a League.

It has grown a lot since then with 6 Leagues having there own Forums and Drivers.
(update sept 2012 14 leagues)

We have Learned a lot since we started and We now have.
1 - An Induction Course to filter out the Bandits and Teach the drivers what we expect from them and how to Gain there License before they are allowed to apply for a seat in any league.
2 - a Full FiA, 16 of us meet up on Mondays to discuss incidents and changes and rules etc..
3 - 2 FiA members sit in on all Races and one films the other is a LIVE IN RACE STEWARD.

Its surprised me at how it has grown so quick, 6 leagues in 6 months with an average of 2 Members a day joining the community.

We have a Website a LOGO a Forum and also a Donation Kitty for Prizes.
We have had Knock out cup championship with more to follow and we also are in talks with sponsorships so its all looking good..

See I told you It would work ;-)

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