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Article 01.0.2
Race Days & Times
Saturday Night's

Room Will Open 15 Minutes Prior To The Starting Time

1015 (GMT)

1100 (GMT) Is The Latest The Session Will Start. If You Aren't There We Will Go Without You. Please Turn Your PS3 On Advance In case An Update Is Required.

1030 is when Qualifying will start unless we're intentionally waiting for somebody.

If There Is Less Than 3 Drivers At The Race, The Race Will Not Go Ahead.

Article 01.0.3

Drivers Are Free To Use Any Form Of Controls They Wish To Drive, Steering Wheels, PS3 Controllers, Modified XBOX controller etc.

Article 02.0.1

There Is To Be No Bulling Or Abusing Language In The League Or Whilst Racing, Or Else You Could Receive A Race Ban Or Kicked Out Of The League

Article 02.0.2
Constructors Teams

Team Orders Are Allowed, Teams Can Work Together In Practice, Qualifying And The Race, Work Out Strategies Before And During The Grand Prix, Share Set Ups With Each Other, However Teams Cannot Hit And Make Another Driver Crash For The Sake Of Another, If This Happens It Will Go To The Moderator To Decide

Article 03.0.1
The Weather in Races

The Weather For Each Practice, Qualifying And Race Will Be Set At ‘Dynamic’ So Changeable Weather Could Be Possible.

Article 03.0.2

Qualifying Will Be A 15 Mins Shoot Out, Drivers On Out and In Laps Please Get Fully Off The Racing Line And Out Of The Way, If You Have Been See Or A Driver Complains About Your Driving You Could Receive A Penalty, Could You Also Use Your Microphones As This Could Help You And Could Be The Difference From Pole To Last. If A Driver Gets Kicked Out before the Qualifying results screen shows Then The Session Will Begin Again. If the same driver gets DC'd a second time, they will not be restarted for. If a DC happens in the race, unless it's a multiple DC, restarts won't be applied. Also Drivers That Are Caught Destroying There Vehicle At The End Of Qualifying Will Face A Penalty After The Race.

Article 03.0.3
Grid Starts

When The Lights Go Out, We Will Be Racing, There Is NO Warm Up Lap. Please Remember That It Is A Long Race And There Is No Need To Cause A First Corner Incident, If You Have Been Seen Making One You Could Receive Further Action After The Race

Article 03.0.4
The Grand Prix

We All Know How To Race Grand Prix Style, So Could All Drivers Please Be Careful When Overtaking Other Drivers, There Is No Need To Make Stupid Moves, It Is A Long Race, And You Are Not Racing Against AI, These Are Real People And Are Not Going To Give Up Their Position As Easily, But Drivers That Are Been Overtaken Please Realise When You Have Been Overtaken And Don’t Try To Hit Them In Any Way. So Please Just Respect Each Other When Out On Track. You May Pit As Many Times As You Wish, The Computer Also Dishes Out Penalties So No Cutting Corners Etc.

Article 03.0.5
One Block Move

You Are Only Allowed To Block Once To Defend And Take Your Line, And You Are Not Allowed To Move Again Down The Straight Until You Reach Another Corner, Then You Are Allowed To Use Your One Block Line Again Until The Next Corner, And So On, Just Like In Real F1, However If You Are Far Enough Ahead You Can Slowly Move Back Onto The RacingLine To Take The Corner. If You Have Been Found Moving More Than Once Or Moving Around In The Braking Zone Whilst The Driver Behind Is To Close Then You Could Face A 5 Point Deduction From The Drivers & Constructors Championship

Article 03.0.6
Hit Rule

A Penalty Will Be Added At The End Of The Race To Any Driver That Causes a Collision And Continues Without Waiting. If a Driver Is A Lap Down It Is Impossible To Add This Time Penalty As It Does Not Show How Far That Driver Is Behind (It's Just Shown As + 1 Lap). However If They Don't Wait, The Penalty Will Be Enforced. This Penalty Will Come Into Play For Every Collision Throughout A Quallifying Or Race.

Article 03.0.7
Pit Lane Exit

Drivers Are To Stay Within The White Line, If You Cut Across The Line And Cause An Incident Or Interfere With Someone Elses Race Then You Will Face A 10 Point Penalty In Both Drivers And Constuctors Championships. If you are caught doing this after, then you will face a race ban.

Article 03.0.8
Yellow Flags

Under Yellow Flag Conditions Drivers Must Take Caution But Not Brake Excessively.

Article 03.0.9
Blue Flags

Any Driver Getting Lapped Will Have To Yield Immediately If The Lapping Car Is Within Blue Flag distance.

Article 04.0.1
Race Reports

It Would Be Best If You Would Be Able To Write A Race Report After Every Race. Obviously You Do Not Have To But I Would Recommend It Just As A Log Of Your Race

Article 04.0.2
Driver & Team Appeals

If You Or Your Team Wish To Appeal Then They Must Do So Within 5 Days After The Race, This Will Give The FIA Time To Discuss And Reach A Verdict Before The Next Race, Please No Swearing In The Appeals Unless Quoting.

Article 04.0.3

Drivers That Have A Complaint Against Another Competitor Should Appeal To The FIA In An Acceptable Manner. There Is No Need For Some Of The Language That Has Been Used, Or Shouting Ur Mouth Of Over The Microphones Mid Race. This Is Uncomfortable For The Rest Off Us To Read Or Listen Too. This Is An Easy Rule To Monitor And You Will Be Penalised Severely If You Break It. In Severe Cases You Will Get Banned From The Site.

Article 04.0.4
Points System

1st place 25 points
2nd place 18 points
3rd place 15 points
4th place 12 points
5th place 10 points
6th place 8 points
7th place 6 points
8th place 4 points
9th place 2 points
10th place 1 point

Article 04.0.5
Drivers Leaving

If A Driver Leaves A League They Will Not Be Just Given The Seat Back. They Will Have To Apply For A Contract The Same As Everyone Else & It Will Be The Choice Of The Teammate To Decide Who Will Get The Seat

Article 04.0.6
Corner Cutting
1.0 - The parts of the circuit where you could go 4WO will be defined, by me in the week prior to the race.
1.1 - Intentionally Cutting Corners to gain a time advantage is not Permitted in the F1PS3League's.
1.2 - Cutting a corner persistently will encore a Race Ban and possible suspension from your league.
1.3 - It is permitted to run wide at a corner on the dust & marbles and gain no time advantage, then rejoin the race track SAFELY!
1.4 - You must keep at least 1 wheel within the white lines to be counted as on the track (excluding my exceptions).

"Drivers must respect the limits at all times."

"A driver will be judged to have left the track if no part of the car remains in contact with the track." Excluding my exceptions.

"Should a car leave the track for any reason the driver may rejoin. However, this may only be done when it is safe to do so and without gaining any advantage."

Article 04.0.7
3 Strikes & Your Out
If you do not turn up to 3 races in a row. You will be automatically kicked from the the league!

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Article 9x


If you are judged to need to attend induction, do so at the nearest availability,
failure to attend induction, one week after another, 3 times will result in a league ban.

failure to attend induction one week will mean you do not race at the next race and will have to go to induction the next week.

failing induction means you cant race and must attend the next induction session.

failing it three times, one week after another, will result in a league 2 ban.


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