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Post by BrianJohnson43 (GP4 Mod) on Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:31 am

Please post below....
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was ok but i fooked it up this week

Post by stewy89 on Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:00 pm

BrianJohnson43 (GP4 Mod) wrote:Please post below....

 1st pole of the season so i was extremely hapy.........until the race .....i put aggresive fuel on (instead of cautious) and on 3rd lap had to put it on normal petrol then tenth lap  i had to put it in lean mix then the 11 lap i pited and had yet more petrol issues ... so basickly  i ran 3 laps on full speed 5 on slow and the rest on normal around 20 laps  petrol ....it may not hav cost the race im not saying i would of won because nozem had good pace and set the fastest lap but  but if i had the petrol on fast for like 5 or 6 laps extra i could of chalenged for the win but never mind nice drive nozem007 mate ... i should of been at least a second minimum    .....or  4 or 5 secs behind max not 12m secs or whatever i was lol ...but stil yet another podium so im hapy and gets me closer to that sexy 3rd place for promotion lmfao

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