Interwiev with Hamishsop

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Interwiev with Hamishsop

Post by VictoriousBoy69 on Tue Jul 09, 2013 10:44 pm

1. How you feel after you knock out title contender in first turn ?
I think i should of been more careful in the first corner, i was at the back of the back and should of only made 1 overtake at most. i knocked out the title contender with i feel bad about.

2. What do you think if there will be any penalties for you ?
I think my penalty will be something along the lines of quli or race ban. or maby points deduction.

3. Do you feel good in league ?
I love this league and like racing with the people in the league i have a lot of respect for everyone in the league even if we can have arguments sometimes. I think Vic has really pushed the league so we got more competitive racing, which i think is really good.

4. Any changes to league ?
I cant think of any changes what could be made to the league. 

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