My "move" to League 1

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My "move" to League 1

Post by Jonny on Mon Jul 08, 2013 6:25 am

So after pretty much dominating last weeks AL1 (league 3) race at Hockenheim I was told by a few different people that I was too fast for that league and that since I raced without assists in an assist league that I should be in a non-assist league, I asked Moody on the chatbox how I should go about moving into a non-assist league and he told me to PM vernon with laptimes set at the Silverstone circuit in different cars to see which car I should be in, here is the PM I sent him that night:

I've been encouraged by Rob and a few others who think I'm too fast for the old AL1 to switch to a non-assist league because I race without assists in the assist league and I am (without sounding cocky or bigheaded) currently the fastest driver in League 3, but obviously this might not be possible depending on whether or not you permit me to switch.

I am not interested in League 2 as it is only 50% race distance so if it is not possible to fit me into League 1 then I would prefer to remain League 3 with 100% race distance, also a switch to a non-assist league would only be for the rest of this season as I am committed to another league which is currently taking a break which also races on Sunday nights and my priorities lie there.

I understand that I am probably demanding too much considering how new I am as a member on this site and I would fully agree if you did not allow me into a non-assist league, below are my reference laptimes at the Silverstone circuit using no assists and 2012 car performance.

Silverstone times:
Sauber: 1:30.720 
Mercedes: 1:30.970
Force India: 1:32.177
Toro Rosso: 1:32.255
Caterham: 1:32.649


I got a PM back from vernon saying:

Yeah I was made aware last night that there are a few drivers in the AL leagues (L3/L4) that would be able to take part in L1 & L2. We do need some drivers in the top 2 league as we have struggled throughout the season to get a full grid in any race.

Those times you have provided me can you confirm whether they were set on Time Trial or in an Online lobby using 2012 cars.



I then replied with this: 

All times I listed were taken from an online lobby using 2012 car performance.

I did not get another reply, I went on the chatbox and spoke briefly to vernon who asked me to get MORE laptimes from Hungary to choose which car I should be in which left me asking myself why I wasted almost 1 and a half hours of my own time to get laptimes from Silverstone, I was unable to do any sort of practice at Hungary and was away from home all weekend, still unsure as to whether or not I was supposed to be racing, I sent this PM to vernon approx 24 hours ago:

I know you asked me to get some laptimes with the mercedes at Hungary and sadly I wasn't able to get them so I apologise for that, however I did take a lot of time to get all the representative lap times at Silverstone.

I am currently away from home and will be home tomorrow evening before race start, can you clarify as to whether or not I am definitely allowed to race in league 1 and in which car?

As it turns out vernon did not read this message as he couldn't access the site, and since I was still awaiting a response with where I was supposed to be racing this week I asked Liam if he knew, I got a reply saying "Vernon says you'll be in the merc tonight", and I took this to mean that I was racing, so I came home and did some practice before going into the race lobby.

It was only after I had set a very competitive laptime (1:20.6xx) on prime tyres that I heard on the mic someone saying that I shouldn't be in the lobby, I asked about it and it was very very unclear as to what was happening and I was then told that it was partly my fault that I was in the lobby - which I did not understand in the slightest. I sent vernon a PM on playstation network trying to clarify if I should be in the lobby or not and he said no one is allowed into the league if they have not been invited and that I had not been invited in.

During the qualifying session I was told on the mic that it would all be sorted out after the race and that I should continue racing regardless, by the time we restarted due to a disconnection I had been told by vernon that I was not invited into league 1, and when I asked why he said to me that the laptimes I sent him via PM from silverstone were not valid as there was no proof that I did them in the correct circumstances (2012 cars online lobby no assists etc) which I found ludicrous and I did every laptime in an online session as I was told to - Bullet and Liam were present for every lap being set so they can back me up. Also I have done nothing in my short time with this site to suggest that I am untrustworthy, vernon suggesting that these silverstone times were not valid is unbelievable.

I then left the lobby as it was clear I was not supposed to be in it only to be asked by vernon minutes after I left the lobby in rage saying "do u want to race" and I said no, the miscommunication is unacceptable considering how many staff members there are on this site and I expressed publicly my interest in joining a non-assist league straight after the Hockenheim race, 6 days ago, and vernon was the only staff member who seemed to have any involvement in an issue like this. This whole shambles has left me questioning my future racing here as the amount of communication has been shocking, vernon said he had not been on the site in the last 24 hours which is why I did not get a response which is fair enough, however I should have been told as soon as I joined the lobby that I had not been invited in - not after I looked like a threat in the actual session.

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Re: My "move" to League 1

Post by BulletRacing (DRT) on Mon Jul 08, 2013 6:46 am

I'm speechless. Wow...


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Re: My "move" to League 1

Post by Bigdave235 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:58 am

 Hi Jonny,

On behalf of members of PL1 I would like to apologise for the confusion tonight. 

The decision on who drives in any league is firstly up to the moderator and then must be confirmed by the manager. In this case it looks like you have been in discussion with the manager, but nothing was confirmed by him or the league mod. It cannot be the case that the confirmation to join in the league can be someone else saying that you would be racing. 

I think Vern may have been a little upset that he was not made aware of the situation, but he was just venting his frustration at the time, he did not intend to cause any offence. What should have happened is that if no conformation to race was given, we should have waited until the next race. This is only so we can match cars to the correct drivers. 

I do hope that you will consider joining us for the race in spa, I'm sure we we will be able to resolve the situation quickly.


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Re: My "move" to League 1

Post by BK_1975 (F1 Mod) on Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:59 am

Sorry Jonnah

Communication was at an all time low tonight and I also would like to say sorry as Vernon was a little out of sorts tonight.
You are most welcome to join league 1 but the first mistake was that you should have just posted in L1 asking me as I am the mod.

Communication is the key word here but add BK_1975 the league 1 mod and we will have you racing next week m8.
One more week will not hurt Wink
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Re: My "move" to League 1

Post by Jonny on Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:18 am

Thank you guys for the apologies, I was pretty angry when I created this post but I did and still do feel like it was necessary after the handling of this issue, if possible and with staff permission I would still very much like to be racing in League 1 from here on out although as previously mentioned I can only race non-assist league for the remainder of this season.

BK the reason I went to vernon and not you was because I asked who I should contact on the chatbox and was told to PM vernon, and I didn't post in the L1 forum as I do not have permission.

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Re: My "move" to League 1

Post by Vernon-ator_1991 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:27 am

I'd like to apologise as well Jonny, I've been preoccupied the last few days so I didn't see you last pm to me until a few minutes ago. I was just so busy I wasn't able to action anything in time.

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Re: My "move" to League 1

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