Hungary GP

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Hungary GP

Post by X_Adam-_-1993_X on Mon Jul 08, 2013 5:25 am

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Re: Hungary GP

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:07 am

Qualy-1st 1.21.1



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Re: Hungary GP

Post by BrianJohnson43 (GP4 Mod) on Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:48 am

QUAILY did not set a time RACE opted to start the race on primes race was realy good for me few people crashed out and disconnections had a good prime run 4th before pitting in for the option stint came back out in 5th but not to far behind retook 4th and just soldered on from then in 4th was a fantastic position considering i had only done one session so that was extra pleasing but what a fantastic drive for myself plus i would like to condoned my sympathy to moody great lap time for pole but unfortunately lost connection
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Re: Hungary GP

Post by bobjim123 (LM) on Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:41 pm

Qualy - 3rd: I was pole with a 1.21.5 but we had to restart due to MVA loosing connection. Set a 1.21.424, Rob out qualified me by 0.002 and moody set a very impressive 1.21.1.

Race - 1st: I think it's fair to say everything but the first lap went in my favour. Got a good start maintaining position but was bumped off so this put me in 4th, a mistake by myself put me 5th. Overtook Sean down the start/finish straight and moved up to 2nd when rob and weasel tangled. A safety car was brought out and moody pitted on lap 5 so I had the lead. Pitted lap 10 and came out 5th behind rob which resulted in a grueling battle as I struggled to pass him, in the meantime moody lost connection so it bumped us all up a place. I eventually passed rob and set about closing down Burty as he was on a one stop, caught him towards the end of his stint and retook the lead as I pitted lap 25 thinking Sean would pit, turns out he wasn't going to so cue a frantic 10lap sprint to catch the 10secs he had on me. Overtook him round the outside of turn 1 with 2 laps to spare and pulled away to take my 3rd win of the season and I believe the top of pl2

It's fair to say the race again was handed to me again but I can't really complain I spoke. Commiserations to those that were unable to finish for 1 reason or another.

Cya all at Spa Very Happy


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Re: Hungary GP

Post by Seanbbb90 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:03 pm

qually 4th 1.21 sumat Race 2nd..a gud race not really much to say bout it first safety car of the season which was good i should av pitted cos my tyres was goin off so early with the softs anyway i was runnin 4th or 5th i think until cars lost connection and crashed owt then the race was on i was able to catch bob a few tenths a lap i got the gap to 4 or 5 secs then bob pitted i was 1st bt only about 9 secs infront so i felt he would catch up if i never pitted but fort if i pit he'l be in the lead by a few secs an it would be hard to catch him so i stayed on my tyres until the end managed to keep the lead until about 2 laps til end bt tyres was bad an i ad -1 lap of fuel so i couldn't hold bob off but it was a good race so not all bad and another podium finnish so got to be pleased.


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Re: Hungary GP

Post by Reddweasel on Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:44 pm

Quali: 5th.
First session I managed a 1:21.6 my PB and was on the front row until MVA (Who I had seen earlier in the day struggling with Connection issues) disconnected. With the restart session (No MVA) I got a 1:22.0 but found myself back in 5th.

Race: DNF
Found myself upto 3rd after the first lap due to Sean and Bob running wide with heavy fuel and was confidently (at the time) quicker than Rob.
Rob went wide into the 3rd gr turn at the start of sector 2 and I went up the inside, possibly too fast, Rob came back across or onto the racing line, not sure which and we hit, both spinning. Not sure if this is my fault or a racing incident, for what it's worth I apologise for this, and of all people, with the (bad) luck he's had of late I didn't want it to be Rob!

I let Rob back through immediately but both of us losing places. I found myself second from last in front of Thee Mask and behind Brian, rattled, I made a mistake at the end of the lap and put my front right into the pit wall. Sick to the stomach and a wife moaning at me for wasted hours of practice (Tell me something I don' t know luv!) I had to watch the race from sepctate while doing the ironing!

All in all a bad day at the office, with no Adam and MVA even a top 5 finish would have really helped me in the drivers standings.
Unless I can get top 3 results in the last two European races my chances of winning this league will be gone.

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Re: Hungary GP

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