Interwiev with Bobjim123

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Interwiev with Bobjim123

Post by VictoriousBoy69 on Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:38 pm

1. What have forced you to leave AL2 ?

First of all I'd like to say thankyou to everyone I came across in Al2 from the ones I came across in open lobbies and brought here back in the days of Al3 to the people that have been apart of the league at some stage (you know who you are) the majority of the races have been a joy to watch and you have all really made Al2 one of the most attended leagues on the whole site so I thank you all for that!! Recent Events have made things difficult at home and I was going through a real tough patch, I also thought it was time for some1 fresh to step in with new ideas to make the league better. Do I regret stepping down? I'm going to miss it but I know I have taken you as far as I can as Al2 was struggling when I took over but I'm sure VictoriousBoy69 will take you further and make the league even stronger so no I don't regret the decision.

2. Who do you prefer in AL2 for title ?

The league this year is one of the most competitive in terms of fights for podiums and wins on the site, At the moment in terms of the drivers VictoriousBoy69 is in a rich vein of form and is in the driving seat but anything can happen. The constructors title is closer with McLaren edging it but the Lotus team of Nozem007 and Pasels are looking especially strong picking up points consistently. As for promotion there are 6 or 7 in terms hunt and with only 3 spaces available it makes for a great rest of the season, I wish you all luck.

3. How is going in your league ?

I'm currently racing in PL2 after making the step up at the end of last season and im driving the Williams. I haven't had the greatest start to the season (I did qualy pole round Australia ) with incidents ruining most races but things are now on the up as ive picked up decent points the last couple of races and have been in the podium hunt. A random puncture cost me the chance of a win round Monaco and 1 mistake cost me 3rd round Canada but hey ho. The car I have suits the next few tracks + i never really get going till Valencia for some reason so I'm hoping for a decent amount of points throughout the rest of the season

4. Next week is your home track, some opinions ?

I personally love the track, it's quick and fun to drive and I look forward to it, should be a great race as it was the track that we were all tested on so promises to be one of the closest races of the season.

Finally I'd like to say if you want a chat or a race around some tracks just PSN me. I'll be lurking round your races aswell but until then good luck guys i look forward to racing game with you in the future.

Thank you for interview Bob.

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Re: Interwiev with Bobjim123

Post by F1xStevo_87 (GP3 Mod) on Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:28 am

Bobjim123, "I know I have taken you as far as I can as Al2 was struggling when I took over". AL2 struggled because of low driver numbers untill AL3 'merged' with AL2 to achieve a full grid for this season you missed out.

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