Interwiev with DeKKadent

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Interwiev with DeKKadent

Post by VictoriousBoy69 on Sun Jun 16, 2013 7:31 am

1. How you feel about losing connection just before race ?
I was obviously upset about it but its done ,just one of those things.

2. There is information that you will retire from AL2, is that right ?
Things are coming to a head in al2 ,as it stands I'm a McLaren driver in al2 and if anything I am a team player ,myself and vb will have a 'working' relationship for McLaren and we will both see the season out and continue to pick up points for the team.

3. How you feel about misunderstanding becouse you lost place of AL2 mod in "last second"?
I felt it was a complete mess up or a 'misunderstanding' as its now known as ,again the same as my connection it's done so there's no point now in worrying about it ,but shall we say I will be seeing things differently now.

4. Who do you see like AL2 Champ ?
Apart from myself ? Very Happy there's two drivers looking good and it's more than likely going to be those two ,I have been driving with vb since the start of the season and know how much he wants it ,Deano I do not know too well but he certainly has my respect as a racer ,I'd like to see who ever drives the best and wants it the most ,both talented drivers.

5. Do you have chance to win title, constructors or drivers one !?
Drivers Championship no not this season for the reasons above ,Constructors ,well it's too early to say really cos there's some teams all in the mix ,McLaren and Williams are looking strong though.

Thank you Dekk

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