Valencia Race Reports

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Valencia Race Reports

Post by bobjim123 (LM) on Sat Jun 15, 2013 6:45 am

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Re: Valencia Race Reports

Post by VictoriousBoy69 on Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:21 pm

And one more race with so changeable conditions. In the qualy we could push how we can cause there was info that race will be wet but it wasnt just wet. I qualy on pole and it was sunny when we started race, but in few laps there was a rain which forced us to switch to inters. Only couple of laps later we needed to go again on slicks and that was not over yet. At the end of the race i had a 45 sec lead over second which was when rain started i changed the tires just for safety. And then, again , rain stoped and we needed to go again on slicks Razz 
It was such a strange race in which i won by 42 sec gap to Deano.

I just need to congrats Deano on  muuza on  and Nozem on 4th cause he beat the Pasels who was mine main rival in last season, so once again Nozem, you have great potential !

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