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New Press/Media Section

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 22, 2013 5:13 am

For those wondering what the newly dubbed "Hudunikibolokov's Questions" section is, I will explain in this post what it is and what I'm trying to achieve.

I've noticed that race reports was dwindling so I though we need to add to that and to get more interaction between the drivers and to add a more sense of realism to the site so the drivers feel that someone is taking interest in them personally and they feel that they're being interview thus makes them more aware that an audience is watching.

First of all there will be YOUR post and pre race thoughts, before and after each race I'll send a message to you what you think about the race, you can reply however you like this will add more severity and realism as some thoughts could produce controversy and rivalry. Obviously some people don't want to take part or don't reply in time this is why it's a selected thoughts. Although the majority of you will send me a PSN it's much easier and quicker if you could send me an FB, Twitter, Skype or a message on here.

Secondly there will be a pre race conference and a post race conference (post race will be dubbed driver pen) and how it's going to work is I'll send you a load of questions and you'll reply, also for those whom want we can do an audio or visual questions in skype for those who want it add my skype-lewisa1993 and for those who want it ultra real we can do an group audio race conference on skype. So there's the plain text Q&S then there's the audio Q&A then there's the visual Q&A and finally there's the group audio option for you guys to choose from, but it's a maximum of 5 only so those who request first get first pick but it will alternate if there's interest.

Thirdly there will be the odd inside line for those wishing to get to know other drivers well this is like the above but the questions will be more personal like favorite food etc etc this will be a max of 1 driver over 2 or 3 races per league so again first come first serve.

For those journalists out there I am willing to let you do some interviews for experience so PM me if your interested in doing that.

Also there maybe some new features throughout the year if I can think of anything, also if any of you guys come up with a nice feature you'd like implemented by all means PM me and we'll see what we can do.


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