Hungarian GP - Race reports

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Hungarian GP - Race reports

Post by dizzymind on Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:48 pm

post below.

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Post by Guest on Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:29 am

Qualified sixth, about what I was expecting.

Was doing well in the race, lead for a lap in about lap 11, pitted and rejoined fifth, kept fighting. Second pit stop, back onto options, was flying. Next thing I knew I was picking my steering wheel out of my helmet , hit the bloody pitwall. The one pit entry everyone knows to watch, I decided to try and cut my car in half lol. Was looking good for a podium, but atleast didn't have far to walk. Surprised i didn't get run over crossing the track as my helmet was so caved in, I couldn't see lol


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Post by Rob-Lee77 (DRT) on Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:37 pm

reasonable qualy 5th on the grid on prime tyres.
a solid start i went on the inside of 1st corner and avoided the collision but shortly after passing the collision i was travelling in a straight line releived that i did,nt get caught up in the inncident and someone smashes into the side of my car sending me off the track and into the wall which puts me bck to 7th from 3rd.
safety car came out half way through the race so i decided to put primes on and run til the end but on lap 44 antonios passes me then makes a mistake, i move to go round him and he pushes me off the track costing me about 5secs then 2laps from the end i get a puncture so another pit stop, then i go on to cross the line almost dead level with 5th place but finishing a slightly dissapointing 6th

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Race Report

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:13 pm

Great qualifying took pole, I spun or got spun into turn 1 either way I was facing the wrong way which put me to the back of the field took advantage of the collisions in front of me on lap1 to make up a few places, Pitted on lap 6 made it up to 5th before pitting again on lap 15, Made it up to 2nd and Antonios was 20 seconds ahead when the safety car came out, when the safety car came in turned the fuel up and kept pace with Antonios then he pitted a few laps later and I just floored it.Pitted on lap 42 came out about 7 seconds behind Antonios and started chipping away at his lead then he pitted with about 6 laps till the end which nearly worked for him as he was taking about a second a sector out of my lead on the last lap as I had no grip.


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Re: Hungarian GP - Race reports

Post by Seanbbb90 on Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:06 pm

wel tuesday we wo practicing n i did good but wen it counted i dint do aswell (pressure lol) any way qualified 8th or 9th but i new ild mek places up lights owt got to first corner cars spun i was about to pass a force india i believe but got spun then got round corner n to more cars spun 2laps later ad drive through i fink i came owt behind steff but he was lagging really bad then eventually it caused me to crash laps later safety car came owt caught up abit i only made positions near end my team mate pitted i fink tuk im bt bout 4 laps to end he was catching dnt remember ow i got passed porchdude n i fink it was 2laps to end wen force india was cumin owt pit n went straight on tuk im bt he was close behind my tyres was quite bad so he wo quik n i spun on last lap which made im ryt behind me n last corner he was by my side n i jst won im. whooooo


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Chaperal - Race Report

Post by ChaperalSA on Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:19 am

For some reason just could not hook up a good lap and qualified 8th.

Start was not good (I just seem to struggle with my starts). Dropped to 10th after the first corner. Couple of cars spun at Turn 3 and I moved up to 8th. I really struggled for grip in the first half of the race.

Lap 10 Pitted and was then up to 4th. Fitted a set of Prime and rejoined in 9th.

Lap 27 Safety car so I dived into the pits and fitted another set of Primes (was in 4th).

Was going to go to the end on this set of tyres and the strategy seemed to be working as from 8th a top 4 place looked certain.

Lap 45 Was up to 2rd and on the pit straight had contact with a passing car and spun. Lost my front wing and had to pit.
Ended in 7th.

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Re: Hungarian GP - Race reports

Post by Burtyburton on Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:12 pm

i had a pretty good quali because i finished 6th or 7th on primes.In the race i think i got spun of by someone who was coming back onto the track so that took me down to last place and i couldn't put any good lap times together to catch up. But when everyone pitted to change there tiers i caught up with a few people because i was on primes. The bit that really helped me in the race was the safety car coming out because my option tiers was going off. at the end of the race i was catching up with rob then on the last few laps i over took him.


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Re: Hungarian GP - Race reports

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